Space Becomes Place has been made possible by the generous support of:

The National Association of Swedish Art Societies through the project (Art to Meet) will create new exciting meetings and creative collaboration processes, while facilitating newly arrived artist to enter the Swedish art scene. Art associations are an important part of civil society and, like many other non-profit organizations, they have a significant function in creating integration models and working to change the norms and attitudes of society in an inclusive manner.

Through The National Association of Swedish Art Societies, participating artists will gain access to a nationwide network of art scenes on local, regional and national level. At the same time as art associations are given the opportunity to meet interesting and inspiring artistry that can open up the associations for new audiences and art-interested public.

“The Art to Meet” is carried out in collaboration with the Artists’ National Association (KRO) and their ongoing projects “The Art to Share: Image and Form” which aims to establish a national network and a mentorship program for foreign-born cultural creators living or staying in Sweden, and the student association Sensus. The project fund is through The National Lottery Cultural Fund.