Space Becomes Place is a themed art residency and exhibition taking place in cooperation with the art collective NOT QUITE in Fengersfors, Sweden. It brings together 10 international and local artists of diverse backgrounds who will spend four weeks together in Fengersfors exploring topics of place, home and identity.

Space Becomes Place has developed out of an initial collaboration between Emelie Rygfelt Wilander and Cornelia Theimer Gardella called Textile Journeys. Over the past three years, this project has taken them from Iceland to Sweden and New Mexico where the two artists actively engaged with place and people through personal connections, workshops and exhibitions. Space Becomes Place expands on this work, this time together with a group of fellow artists.

The residency and exhibition pursue the goal of forging connections on personal levels through art. Through networking and exchange, Emelie and Cornelia are hoping for a lasting impact on all participants and the local community.