The Artists


Emelie Rygfelt Wilander

Fengersfors, Sweden

Emelie Rygfelt Wilander works with large scale installations and performances. Stories are an important part of her practice. She is interested in examining what types of stories are allowed to take place in public, in which way, on whose terms and how this can be changed.

Cornelia Theimer Gardella
Erfurt, Germany / Santa Fe, USA

Cornelia Theimer Gardella’s art practice is strongly linked to travel and ideas of place.
She is drawn to sparse landscapes and remote locations where she spends extended periods of time to explore her relationship to the land as well as other people’s ties to these places through the means of textile art and photography. During the residency, she is hoping to address questions of newness and familiarity, and how time can change one’s perceptions of a specific place.

Invited Artists

Therése Carlsson

Fengersfors, Sweden

Therese Carlsson’s work revolves around her background in Fengersfors where her relatives have lived for generations. Her artistic work addresses existential issues about life and its perishability. She works in dialogue with the place and gives it a language.

Suzanne Dikker
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Suzanne Dikker connects contemporary ideas, traditional crafts and sustainability within the visual arts. Her work embodies a sophisticated approach towards the textile and product design process.

Kurt Gardella
Erfurt, Germany / Santa Fe, USA

Video and sound observations from remote places. Kurt Gardella’s work with language, earth and film intersects with quiet & remote landscapes and the people and daily activities found in them.

Omeira Hafeez
Pakistan / Åmål, Sweden

Omeira Hafeez is a textile artist who works primarily with traditional mirror embroidery from Pakistan. In Pakistan, she worked as a feminist by giving women who were beaten a sanctuary and the opportunity to provide support through the textile work.

Manal Jarmoukly
Syria / Bengtsfors, Sweden

In her paintings, Manal Jarmoukly translates memories from inside of her with the stroke of her paintbrush. Women are the heroes of her paintings, inspiring her work, and capturing the essence of life.

Kerstin Lindström
Härnösand, Sweden

Many of Kerstin Lindström’s works address questions of time, space and the human condition. Her works take shape in sculptures, installations and performance. Textile techniques or material are often present. The theme of the residency, Spaces Becomes Place, offers her the opportunity to further study these essential issues.

Catie Palmer
London, England

Catie Palmer is a textiles artist exploring themes relating to nostalgia, traditional craft and slow processes to create playful pieces of clothing. She is currently embarking on a journey exploring the craft of knitted clothing production, learning each step from raw material to finished garment.

Päivi Vaarula
Finland / Iceland

Päivi Vaarula translates feelings into textiles. Life is sometimes cosy, and sometimes it gets rough. Her art contains all of those emotions. Co-operation with other artists is stimulating and gives new depth to her work. She is joining this residency to gain a new perspective of her art by working with artists from different fields.